Friday, September 21, 2012

Revlon’s Top Speed™ Fast Dry Nail Enamel Review

Price: $15.95

What it is:  Fast drying nail polish

Shop it from: Myer, Priceline, Big W, Target, Kmart, & selected pharmacies

Brand Claims: Polish contains a patented formula which gives a quick, smooth lay down of colour for a super shiny finish in only one minute. The colorPrecise™ brush works seamlessly with the one coat, while its triangular bristles give a smooth and even salon quality application. Available in 32 new shades.

My opinion: I have recently bought very lovely and distinctive colour called "modern grace". it's a gorgeous periwinkle blue or more sort of unique lilac shade. The nail polish comes in the well recognized Revlon bottle. It has a silver screw-top lid with in-build brush (As you find in all nail polishes). I was not very big fan of Revlon nail brushes as yet but with this product I am fairly impressed. The brush has the perfect size, and the bristles so smooth, nicely packed and spread the polish  seamlessly across the nails .

I simply love the formula of this product as it's very pigmented, smooth, not too thick (so doesn't look like you have a million coats on even if you have just 1 or two coats on). Plus it dries very quickly as promised by Revlon, gives very shiny finish in just one coat (as you can see in the last picture from right above). I I spend the majority of my days on the computer, even then his polish easily lasts 5+ days on my fingers without chipping, and on my toes, it easily lasts over two weeks.

Another good thing i found is that it has great colour combination, under different lights the polish looks multi-faceted and picks up on different undertones at different times which I found very interesting.

There are so many lovely shades to choose from this Revlon range, so there is bound to be a colour (or two) for everybody and at only $15.95 for a generous 14.7ml bottle,I think they are well priced considering the quality I received. If you're bargain girl like we all become most of the time, you can pick these polishes in Priceline offers as they pop up now and then.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Colour + Care [Limited edition] Review.

Price:  9.95

What it is:  Nude and Pastel Nail colour with nail treatment

Shop it from: Priceline for limited time only.

Brand Claims: Soft and feminine colours in nudes and pastels. PLUS it doubles as a nail treatment and fills in ridges and erases imperfections!

My opinion:  I must say the cute little square bottle is a nice deviation from the usual (boring.!) round bottles. I am not sure if any of you are familiar with inbuilt Sally Hansen brushes. As always I am total fan of such brushes. It's some sort of wide flat brush like you get for acrylic nail brush kit. It's very working design to spread nail colour evenly.

The polish has a lovely porcelain finish which I loved. I found many nail polishes (especially light colours) look streaky on my nails. However happy to let you know that this polish does what it says, goes on so smoothly and gives flawless manicure that really lasts and surprisingly streak-free. I found two coats were a more sheer look than I wanted; however three coats gave a nice creamy-milky cover, with the slightest hint of sheen. .

One other great thing about this polish (and many other light polishes of all sorts) is that you don't need to worry much about chipping. as little chips or signs of wear aren't nearly as noticeable as they are with darker colour.

Don't forget there are 8 colours to choose from. which one would you choose?

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Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Color Full-Wink Review


What it is:  Lip plumping gloss

Shop it from: KMart, Target, Big W, Priceline, Price Attack, Myer, David Jones, Woolworths and pharmacies

Brand Claims: Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Color-Full has a long-lasting plumping formula that contains colour pigments that create fuller coverage, while re-active plumping spheres renew the volumising effect to amplify the lips appearance. Product not suitable for easily irritated lips. To use, apply to lips, a slight tingle may come after application. Wear alone or over another lip product.

My opinion: I got a chance to try Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Color-Full in shade of "Wink" last week and loved it overall. If I give my feedback in one line I would say it does all it says. If you like to know detailed review, please continue reading.

This Product has lovely packaging as other Sally Hansen Products. Transparent glass bottle is very incontinent to see how much left inside. Black cap is easy to open and close. Plus, golden strap gives whole product very classy finish. The brush wand is very soft and flexible, but it still has great control.

The texture has is hint of shimmer in it. Plus it's very smooth. It glides easily on lips and gives high shine, moist, noticeable puff, but doesnt look fake. The product takes a while after application to show it's best, but when it does it looks so sexy.!

My another favourite thing about this gloss would be the smell. it's simply delicious. I always look for a product which have some great scents in it so it's a bonus for me.

I would say if you love the look of plump lips but dont have to money (or don't want to spend it) for injections and expensive plumpers, this product is great for you.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Puretopia Pert & Plump Line Filling Peptide Lip Cream Review

Price:  14.95

What it is: Lipcream

Shop it from: Terry White, Priceline, Discount Drug Stores, Pharmore Pharmacies, Malouf Pharmacies and Big W

Brand Claims: This active cream works to plump and fill in lines in the lip area over time. The effect is due to a patented peptide technology supported by shea butter and vitamin E for intense moisturisation.

My opinion: Whenever I see a brand which say NO for animal testing and makes products which are free from synthetic, fragrances, parabens, skin drying sulfates, artificial colours, I feel sold. It's lovely to find out that Puretopia guarantees for all.

The Pert & Plump lip cream comes in cute little 10ml squeezable tube which is great for lip products as it makes application much more easier. As you can see in second picture from left hand side, Puretopia been very smart in it's box packaging as well to protect cute baby tube from busting in transit.

The texture of cream is feather light, silky-smooth, non-sticky. It's also easy to spread all over the lips. The tiny bit amount (as per last pic from right hand side) completely covers lips so I guess 10ml will last for very long time.The lips observes the cream within a minute. I noticed my lips felt moisturised then they looked for a very long time.

I always find that some glossy lip cream/balm synchronize with lipstick (not so great), plus it takes off lasting ability of lipstick if it applied above. However with Pert & Plump Line Filling Peptide Lip Cream, I am surprisingly impressed because when I apply the cream underneath my lipstick, the matte texture of lipcream is very helpful for lipstick to stay longer and shine.

Overall, I am quite impressed with this product and would recommend it all the followers.

Love and Lipstick
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Fraulein38 Back to Basic 56 Colors Blush & Eyeshadows Makeup Palette Review

Price:  10.99 € + 2 € shipping

What it is: 6 Blushes and 50 eyeshadows.

Shop it from: Fraulein38 online store

Brand Claims56 silky shine colour - 50 colors eye shadow and 6 colors blush! Glossy colour and can last for all day long with ingredients together to care eye skin around! Popular and leading the trend colour! Perfect for both professional use or personal use! Go action! DIY your eyes looks to be more attractive! You can have various image just like that you see in fashion magazines and on TV!

My opinion: 

I just simply adore this palette as you get six generously-sized common shade blushes and 50 (smaller then Blushes) eyeshadows in just one palette. There is a beautiful combo of colours contains matte, shimmery and pretty sparkly textures in eyeshadows and 6 most common blushes which would compliment any skin tone.

Packaging is also very compact and come with attached mirror and 2 eye-shadow sponges which is hard to find in such palette.

I have to say that I've read a lot of reviews about this kind a palette and one of the most common complaints is that the blushes aren't very pigmented and they don't have good staying power. But I've got to say that my experience was the totally opposite. I'm quite picky about my powder blushes, so I had somewhat low expectations for these as this palette but was I surprisingly impressed to find out that the pigmentation was GREAT as well as staying power and creamy texture. However, the texture of the eyeshadows is somewhat chalky (specially navy blue and green shades), but it has a great staying power though. I would recommend applying eye primer for above said colours before you apply a eyeshadow.

Here are few swatches:


Overall, I am impressed with this palette as I simply adored blushes and eyeshadows (except some). I would recommend it to everyone who are on budget or don't want to spend much, this palette is great for you!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Innoxa Lasting Cover Concealer Review

Price: 25.95

What it is: Concealer stick

Shop it from: Myer, Priceline, Terry White Chemists, My Chemist, Chemist Warehouse, leading pharmacies nationally and HeritageBrands online site.

Brand ClaimsA smooth, textured concealer stick that provides coverage that lasts. Contains Vitamins C & E to assist skin repair and hydration. Effectively covers and conceals dark circles, skin pigmentation, blemishes and broken capillaries. Skin Types: All. Available in 2 skin-perfect shades. Formula: Cream Stick. Coverage: Medium. Benefits: Dermatologically Tested. 100% Fragrance Free.

My views: What a lovely packaging this concealer have, rather I should say that it's such a cute little savoir which you can carry in your purse for last minutes correction.! I found it very cleverly designed stick which reached reach even tough area of your face. it covered all annoying marks and dots from my skin in just one swipe. I also loved that it's fragrance free, very smooth and creamy but not oily. It didn't give me that fake look rather it really blended well with my skin and lasted long. Also with concealer little goes long way in my case so I can say it's fairly reasonably priced.

Overall, I never knew I will be such impressed by the budget cosmetics as Innoxa. It has working design, handy, long lasting and also reasonably valued for the quality. I would definitely recommend you all to try this.

The sticks come in two shades: Natural and Tan. Who feel like trying?

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Australis Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Eyeshadow Review

Price: 15.95

Whats in it: Silky pearlescent 5 pan eyeshadows

Shop it from: Priceline, Big W, Target , Kmart, Australis and Heritagebrands online site.

Brand claims: Silky pearlescent 5 pan eyeshadows that create endless combinations and effects. Eyeshadows are formulated with light reflecting photocromatic pigments and enriched with Jojoba and Grape seed oil for smooth and hydrated lids for that just applied glow.

My opinion:
Australis is gaining a good place in my mind for good quality yet budgeted cosmetics as Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Eyeshadow is definitely a winner for me.

I have tested is "Totally Busted" which consists of 5 colours, Star white (White), Eggplant(Purple), Champagne nude(Peach), Gun metal grey(Gray) and Barbie pink (Pink). I personally love all 5 colours as it's a nice selection of colours that work well together and looks just gorgeous. It's easy to use and great for day or night. I really like that this palette is very compact but also big enough so that you can easily get your shader brush in there without any hassles and without getting any other surrounding colours onto your brush. The compact comes with a mirror inside but does not come with an applicator which is fine as we all tend to keep nice set of brushes this days.
I was very impressed when I applied this eyeshadow colours. They were silky-soft, creamy, velvety looking, easy to blend and very vibrant! It was also very shimmery. The most of the colours have great pigmentation however I found Champagne nude did need some extra layers of application though to get a good colour pay off. I also found the colours lasted really well and hours later was still as vibrant as still applied, which is very hard to find it in such budgeted cosmetics.

So overall, It's a great product with a nice representation of working eye-shadows, easy to open and professional looking compact for such a tiny price.

Australis sells this product in 3 others shades which are so different and identical from each other. Which one are you planning to buy?  

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Australis Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Blush Review

Price: 12.95

What is it: Blush Powder

Shop it from: Priceline, Big W, Target , Kmart, Australis and Heritagebrands online site

Brand Claims: Perfectly blended multi-coloured blush with customised shades to suit any complexion. Formulated with light reflecting and balancing photochromatic pigments that assist to create instant camera ready photos. Pigment is high in Mica content providing intense colour payoff. The blush is enriched with Jojoba and Grape seed oil to lock in skin moisture and soothe the skin.

My Opinion: Australis Cosmetics has recently celebrated their 25th anniversary in cosmetic industry. It's all products are 100% curely free. I thought it would be shame if I don't get my paw around it's products by now.

After giving a old fashion test on Paparazzi Perfect High Definition blush in "shoot to Thrill" shade, I must say I am very impressed with it as whole..
Let's start with packaging, This blush compact is very attractive and durable. The bright hot pink colour labelling on the top is also very cute and eye-catching. Plus the big size mirror inside the compact is a BONUS for me kind a girls who always on a go..! The blush has very interesting texture. The pigmentation goes from light to very dark hot pink shade. I personally found this is very clever idea as I can possibly create so many different looks as per my mood and occasion.

Despite this blush contains 2-3 different shades of pink (bright pink, light pink and coral pink), It blends very well together. It doesn't dry and doesn't get flaky like some other powder blushes, it could be cause the formula of this blush contains Jojoba and Grape seed oil.

All I can say is it's such a lovely product to find any cons. I would definitely recommend buying this product as there is nothing to lose in $12.95. Don't forget it comes in 3 other shades.

 Which one will you buy?

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