Beauty Trial Portal claims no credit for the images or products featured on this site and hopes we can all be one big, happy, content-sharing family (you let me make my site pretty with your images, I can promote your products and send my loyal readers your way). Most images (e.g Swatches) which are without reference are mine, they were produced and/or edited by me.


I will have Contests and giveaways now and then. They are not sponsored unless stated otherwise. Once the prizes are shipped, I am no longer responsible for it. Please understand that I cannot guarantee their arrival to your doorstep.

  • I am not getting paid for providing reviews unless stated. 
  • I am not making any commissions on companies and brand listed on this blog unless stated. 
  • I am not affiliated with of all brands listed on this blog unless stated. 
  • I generally do not and will not review products that I don't like. I do however write up on products with complete honesty, even if it's a product given to me (as opposed to being purchased by me). 
  • Reviews will go in depth (e.g. my opinions, swatches, customer service) as per the nature of product. Most likely I try to keep it short and sweet however covering all the points possible.

OPINIONS (in general) 

Please note that for whatever I post, it is merely my opinion (at the point in time which the post is written). My opinion can be subject to change according to circumstances and knowledge that I receive afterwards.  

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