Monday, October 8, 2012

So...? Sensual Fragrance 30 ml and Sensual Body Fragrance 150 ml -Review

Price:  14.95 for 30 ml Sensual fragrance
             4.95 for 150 ml Sensual body fragrance (body spray)

What is it: Fragrance and Body Spray

Shop it from: Priceline Pharmacy, Target and selected pharmacies. Consumer Hotline: 02 8709 8800

Brand Claims:  So…? Sensual is a rich fragrance of sheer passion. With top notes of mandarin, strawberry and orange flower, middle notes of rose and red fruit, and bottoms notes of vanilla and patchouli, the fragrance captures the pure essence of a woman.

My opinion:  UK based women fragrance brand, So...? is one of the fast growing fragrance brands in Australia with over 7500 fans. It proudly offers so many tempting yet budgeted fragrances, e.g So…?(Original), So..? Eternal, So..? Exclusive, So..? Kiss me, So..? Sensual, So..? Brit, So..? Sinful and So..? Superstar. All these fragrances has its own characteristics to serve different moods of women. I was given So..? Sensual 150ml body spray and So..? Sensual 30ml fragrance bottle for consideration (Thanks to So...?).

The packaging of both products is efficient, light-weighted and easy to carry. The glass bottle of fragrance is simple yet very elegant. Brand very cleverly represents it's claim of 'the pure essence of woman' on packaging, Both fragrance box and body spray bottle has 3D image of very sophisticated and sensual lady in pink. Further instructions like, HOW-TO use, ingredients and cautions listed on the side back side of packaging for whom it may concern.
I'm normally not the one who enjoys strong floral scents, but the one who prefers more subtle fruity scents. For that particular reason, these products isn't fall but definitely winter for me. It has ultra-sensual formula that blend soft flowers scents with fruity scents to give very sweet but feminine results. You can easily sniff the synchronised scent of strawberry, red roses, orange and vanilla. As I live in fantasy world, for me these products smell like strawberry cupcakes with vanilla icing served with lots of red roses. Simply delicious and very gorgeous.

The only downside of the fragrance is that (more than likely due to the very low price), it lacks in lasting-power and seems to be short lived and faded away avoid this, I would recommend to use the Sensual body spray along with the fragrance because body spray will enhance fragrance lasting ability and keep you fresh throughout the day.

You can visit So...? Fragrance on Facebook here and you can also signup to their website to get exclusive access to any upcoming giveaways, offers and latest news.

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