Monday, September 10, 2012

Fraulein38 Back to Basic 56 Colors Blush & Eyeshadows Makeup Palette Review

Price:  10.99 € + 2 € shipping

What it is: 6 Blushes and 50 eyeshadows.

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Brand Claims56 silky shine colour - 50 colors eye shadow and 6 colors blush! Glossy colour and can last for all day long with ingredients together to care eye skin around! Popular and leading the trend colour! Perfect for both professional use or personal use! Go action! DIY your eyes looks to be more attractive! You can have various image just like that you see in fashion magazines and on TV!

My opinion: 

I just simply adore this palette as you get six generously-sized common shade blushes and 50 (smaller then Blushes) eyeshadows in just one palette. There is a beautiful combo of colours contains matte, shimmery and pretty sparkly textures in eyeshadows and 6 most common blushes which would compliment any skin tone.

Packaging is also very compact and come with attached mirror and 2 eye-shadow sponges which is hard to find in such palette.

I have to say that I've read a lot of reviews about this kind a palette and one of the most common complaints is that the blushes aren't very pigmented and they don't have good staying power. But I've got to say that my experience was the totally opposite. I'm quite picky about my powder blushes, so I had somewhat low expectations for these as this palette but was I surprisingly impressed to find out that the pigmentation was GREAT as well as staying power and creamy texture. However, the texture of the eyeshadows is somewhat chalky (specially navy blue and green shades), but it has a great staying power though. I would recommend applying eye primer for above said colours before you apply a eyeshadow.

Here are few swatches:


Overall, I am impressed with this palette as I simply adored blushes and eyeshadows (except some). I would recommend it to everyone who are on budget or don't want to spend much, this palette is great for you!

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