Thursday, September 13, 2012

Puretopia Pert & Plump Line Filling Peptide Lip Cream Review

Price:  14.95

What it is: Lipcream

Shop it from: Terry White, Priceline, Discount Drug Stores, Pharmore Pharmacies, Malouf Pharmacies and Big W

Brand Claims: This active cream works to plump and fill in lines in the lip area over time. The effect is due to a patented peptide technology supported by shea butter and vitamin E for intense moisturisation.

My opinion: Whenever I see a brand which say NO for animal testing and makes products which are free from synthetic, fragrances, parabens, skin drying sulfates, artificial colours, I feel sold. It's lovely to find out that Puretopia guarantees for all.

The Pert & Plump lip cream comes in cute little 10ml squeezable tube which is great for lip products as it makes application much more easier. As you can see in second picture from left hand side, Puretopia been very smart in it's box packaging as well to protect cute baby tube from busting in transit.

The texture of cream is feather light, silky-smooth, non-sticky. It's also easy to spread all over the lips. The tiny bit amount (as per last pic from right hand side) completely covers lips so I guess 10ml will last for very long time.The lips observes the cream within a minute. I noticed my lips felt moisturised then they looked for a very long time.

I always find that some glossy lip cream/balm synchronize with lipstick (not so great), plus it takes off lasting ability of lipstick if it applied above. However with Pert & Plump Line Filling Peptide Lip Cream, I am surprisingly impressed because when I apply the cream underneath my lipstick, the matte texture of lipcream is very helpful for lipstick to stay longer and shine.

Overall, I am quite impressed with this product and would recommend it all the followers.

Love and Lipstick
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