Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Colour + Care [Limited edition] Review.

Price:  9.95

What it is:  Nude and Pastel Nail colour with nail treatment

Shop it from: Priceline for limited time only.

Brand Claims: Soft and feminine colours in nudes and pastels. PLUS it doubles as a nail treatment and fills in ridges and erases imperfections!

My opinion:  I must say the cute little square bottle is a nice deviation from the usual (boring.!) round bottles. I am not sure if any of you are familiar with inbuilt Sally Hansen brushes. As always I am total fan of such brushes. It's some sort of wide flat brush like you get for acrylic nail brush kit. It's very working design to spread nail colour evenly.

The polish has a lovely porcelain finish which I loved. I found many nail polishes (especially light colours) look streaky on my nails. However happy to let you know that this polish does what it says, goes on so smoothly and gives flawless manicure that really lasts and surprisingly streak-free. I found two coats were a more sheer look than I wanted; however three coats gave a nice creamy-milky cover, with the slightest hint of sheen. .

One other great thing about this polish (and many other light polishes of all sorts) is that you don't need to worry much about chipping. as little chips or signs of wear aren't nearly as noticeable as they are with darker colour.

Don't forget there are 8 colours to choose from. which one would you choose?

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